Where to get a loan to a pensioner?

Is it realistic to live in Ukraine on one pension? Unlikely. If you are a senior citizen and officially do not work anywhere, then you have to learn to save and carefully calculate your expenses. But unforeseen expenses often happen, which it is impossible to predict, for example, medicines were needed.

When there are no pending funds

When there are no pending funds

The question arises, where to get the money? It is not always possible to borrow from relatives or friends, and the bank requires a whole bunch of documents.

You are a senior citizen and you do not have time to wait until the bank considers the application and issues a verdict? A microcredit organization will come to the rescue. You can not be afraid that the money will run out unexpectedly and no one will lend.

Benefits of an MFI for a senior citizen:

  1. Credit to everyone! No one will look at the fact that you are a senior citizen and you have a small monthly income. There is no need to look for guarantors or property for collateral. Getting a loan is easy.
  2. No inquiries. In order for a pensioner to receive a credit on the card, you do not need to collect documents that the bank usually requires. All you need is a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and an identification code.
  3. Consideration of the application in 15 minutes. When the bill goes for minutes, it is important to get money quickly. Application for a loan can take up to 15 minutes. You can get money on your retirement card.
  4. No hidden charges. You immediately see how much you will need to pay after the end of the loan period. A convenient calculator allows you to choose the amount, loan term and immediately see the final loan amount.

Getting a loan at a bank for a senior citizen may be delayed. The bank will request the following documents:

  • Ukrainian passport;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • a certificate from the Pension Fund about the pension for the last 6 months;

The pensioner needs to confirm solvency because the credit term directly depends on this. If a pensioner cannot provide confirmation, then the loan term will not exceed 1.5 years. With the confirmation of financial capabilities, a pensioner can get a loan for up to 5 years. But if money is needed urgently and there is no time to collect information and wait for the bank’s decision, then the best option is to get a loan from an MFI. It doesn’t matter if you are a working or non-working pensioner.

How to get a loan to a pensioner?


It’s simple, every pensioner will be able to take a loan online. You need to go to the Keshinsky site and register a personal account.

There you will see a short questionnaire that you must fill out. You should only have your passport and identification code with you. If you take a loan for the first time, the loan amount will not exceed 3000 dollars.

How to apply for a pensioner loan?


The process takes no more than 15 minutes. Fill out the form and send the online application. The manager will process the request as soon as possible, and the money will go to your bank card. You can even indicate the card on which the pension comes.

The pensioner decides how much he wants to take on credit. The site has a convenient calculator that allows you to calculate the loan term and get the final amount payable. If you often take a loan, you can take a large amount, at lower interest rates.