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Description:Simulation of Physical Etching in Memory Technology
... planet bombarded with cosmic rays and high energy neutrons These cause two big problems First single event effects SEE including single event burnout Analog and High Speed I O Design The real world is analog and as more and more of a system is integrated onto a single SoC the requirement for high accuracy analog design in a mainstream Power Silicon has been the material of choice for high voltage power applications for a long time Recently silicon carbide SiC and gallium nitride GaN have started to gain Library Memory Design One of the critical aspects of bringing a new process into production is getting the foundation IP designed at a minimum standard cells and SRAM memories The dominant digital design methodology today is to use synthesis Advanced Process Development Design of advanced CMOS processes starts with TCAD It is too slow and expensive to run real wafers until relatively late and much better to use rapid prototyping in TCAD Optical The optical segment deals with the design of semiconductor devices that interact optically with the environment either as an input such as optical sensors or as an output Display Silvaco s product suite is used for design of both thin film transistor TFT LCD displays and organic LED OLED displays With the growth in adoption of smartphones flat screen TVs smart watches and more this is an area of increasing importance Almost all manufacturers of displays use the Silvaco suite for design and most of these designs are in high volume manufacturing Featured Products Variation Aware Design Process variability at advanced technology nodes has become the key challenge for IC designers A new generation of tools are required that provides efficient and InVar Reliability Analysis Silvaco s suite of power integrity software tools InVar Power InVar EM IR and...

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